June 2011: Writing for Retrochick and a very special photoshoot

Earlier in the year I was invited by Retrochick to write a guest post for her as part of allowing her to take a well-deserved holiday. I am a regular reader of her useful and entertaining vintage blog and was delighted by the chance to write about vintage in my life. I decided to write about vintage from the perspective of my performance life, from how I started wearing vintage in my teens to how I incorporate it in my act. You can read my efforts here.

On June 11th I had another exciting invitation, this time to wear very little (no change there) and pose as an acolyte for Lottie Davies for her portrait of Tricity Vogue. The final picture, which I think you’ll agree is stunning, will be used for the flyer of Tricity’s new Edinburgh Fringe Show, The Blue Lady Sings Back. We all had to be topless for the sheet (that is one piece of material!) to be wrapped around us, and one of the best parts of the day was Lottie’s indignation that she had “so many beautiful boobs” and she couldn’t include them in the picture! You can find me at the bottom left of the picture. Also included are burlesque stars Audacity Chutzpah on my right and Ginger Blush next to her.

Copyright Lottie Davies

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