June 2011: Time for Tease

Among my absolute favourite London-based burlesque gigs to work at is Time for Tease, which is a decadent concoction of a fabulous afternoon tea at retro-themed underground club Volupte with equally fabulous burlesque entertainment. I started working at Time for Tease in 2009, first as a Gateaux Vivant, then also performing my own burlesque acts, and more recently, as one of the managers.

It’s a privilege to work with lovely Zoe Fletcher, the founder of Time for Tease and her hand-picked group of performers, which change every week. The intimate nature of Volupte (and the awesome cocktails) makes it impossible not to involve the audience in your act – which I love doing – and I’ve learnt and continue to learn a lot about performance watching stars such as Amber Topaz, Luna Rosa and Kiki Kaboom work the room until every person is lapping from their hands (sometimes literally).

I’ve also had a good amount of cake in my mouth and on my face as a Gateaux Vivant. Gateaux Vivants are the between-acts entertainment at Time for Tease. Taking the spirit of Tableaux Vivant as inspiration, we pose relatively naked in tasteful lingerie and use cake-based products to protect our modesty, as it were. With three poses over the afternoon, it’s nice to often make a bit of a story out of them. My stories usually involve me starting very proper, then getting greedy and shoving cake in my face, or my face in cake. The first photo is me looking relatively demure backstage at Volupte before my first Gateaux Vivant pose.

Photo by Mat Ricardo


The second photo by Mat Ricardo was taken just after I came offstage after my last Gateaux Vivant pose. The observant of you will note the difference! I love this photo.

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