July 2011: The Fling and Thatcher at the Zoo

It’s always a joy to perform with friends, and on July 2nd I got the chance to do just that, performing with burlesque star Beatrix von Bourbon, gentleman juggler extraordinaire Mat Ricardo, burlesque powerhouse Khandie Khisses, firestarter Lydia Darling and musical madcaps Moonfish Rhumba at The Fling festival in Chelmsford, Essex. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I was a little unsure of what Essex audiences would make of my particular brand of burlesque, but I had nothing to worry about. The festival was charming, with little afternoon tea tents, a fabulous Bollywood dance tent and our cabaret tent, as well as live music and lots of other fun and games. The audiences were well up for our show, and it was a pleasure to hang out with my friends on a lovely sunny day.

Here’s a picture of me and Lydia taken by Mat Ricardo. The showgirl troupe who were sharing our dressing tent thought we were doing an Absolutely Fabulous act…we were just dressed as we do normally…

Photo by Mat Ricardo Photography

This one is of Mat showing Beatrix how to do the famous tablecloth pull, which he uses in his show. She got it on the first go!

This last photo of me was snapped by Mat just after I came off stage after performing Rock n Roll Heart, which ends with me cascading beer over myself. We decided I looked like a 70s porn star who’d had a hard day at the office

Photo by Mat Ricardo Photography

On July 8th I trotted off to one of the last places I expected to perform: London Zoo. Over June and July ZSL London Zoo hosted an evening event called “Zoo Lates”, which included a twisted cabaret as part of the entertainment. I performed Thatcher (the “political animal”) to audiences of attentive, if at times slightly bemused, people. The best part though was that I got to see the new penguin enclosure – look, penguins!

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