I’m a burlesque performer looking for more gigs. Can you pass on details of any contacts/performers/promoters with whom you have worked? Can you recommend me for any events?

Due to the large number of queries I receive regarding contacts and recommendations, I no longer give out any of my contacts or recommend other performers for gigs at their request.

I will still recommend performers at a promoter’s request if I feel they are suitable for a particular gig and if I am asked by that promoter to suggest someone. I will also pass on details of promoters who are looking for performers, again at the promoter’s request.

Where do you get your costumes?

My costumes are a mixture of customised pieces, sourced pieces and collaborations with costume designers. If you are interested in a specific piece, please contact me and I can provide details of the designer if applicable.

Have you had any burlesque training?

Please see my CV for details of the schools and individuals with whom I have trained. I am committed to continual study and improvement of my skills through dance and movement classes, and research.

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