August 2011: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It’s August 8th, I’m in Edinburgh and will be here for the whole month working as a sound engineer, stage manager and performing at various cabaret shows around the city. I’ve already performed in several shows, here is where you can catch me if you’re in this beautiful city between now and August 28th:

August 8th: Itsy’s Midnight Kabarett – Speakeasy at the Voodoo Rooms, midnight

August 9th: Voodoo Revue – Ballroom at Voodoo Rooms, 8:10pm, Kitty Cointreau’s BraHaHa at Just the Tonic at The Caves, 10:45pm

August 10th: Voodoo Revue, 8:10pm

August 11th: Kitty Cointreau’s BraHaHa, 10:45pm

August 12th: Kabarett: Alternative Variety – Speakeasy at Voodoo Rooms, 7:15pm

August 13th: Kabarett: Alternative Variety, 7:15pm, Itsy’s Midnight Kabarett, midnight

August 14th: Itsy’s Midnight Kabarett, midnight

August 16th: Kitty Cointreau’s BraHaHa, 10:45pm

August 19th: Itsy’s Midnight Kabarett, midnight

August 20th: Itsy’s Midnight Kabarett, midnight

and more dates to come, including appearances at Gorgeous George Cabaret Club

If you’re in the mood for musical cabaret shows, I highly recommend Tricity Vogue’s The Blue Lady Sings Back, the FREE Ukulele Cabaret with a different line-up of specials guests from around the Fringe every night and kazoos!, the fabulous and sexual Eastend Cabaret, and the glorious Moonfish Rhumba.

Also, don’t miss Mat Ricardo in his new show Three Balls and a New Suit, a finer entertainer you will never see.

Must dash – but I am expecting to meet very exciting people soon, will update as and when!

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