August 2011: A roundup of Edinburgh Fringe

Wow, what a month! I’m now back in London and really only just recovering from the frenetic intense cabaretti performance chaos that was the Fringe. I can’t clearly explain or detail everything that I was involved in so here are the highlights:

  • Performing with world-class cabaret acts for Kitty Cointreau’s BraHaHa, Itsy’s Kabarett: Alternative Variety and Midnight Cabaret, Blonde Ambition & O’Connor Arts & Ents Voodoo Revue and Rhymes With Purple’s Georgeous George Cabaret
  • Meeting new fabulous artists from around the world including: Whisky & Bears:

Reverend Bear & Dr Whisky

Kudos to these guys, not only did they write a song called “Bears will Fuck You Up” which I am still singing (to myself) and includes the line “bears are really smart and they will eat your ass for food” they performed it on the night of this headline, and they still managed to get audience in after their Fringe venue decided to change its name in the middle of their run. Plus they’re really good blues musicians who can improvise in Bavarian as well as English and riff on UK politics.

The Jane Austen Argument and Amanda Fucking Palmer, and Neil Gaiman

I get a bit gushy about meeting these fabulous people and the conversation I had with Neil about kazoos over on my sound engineering blog here  but here is a pic to prove it really did happen. And it was amazing.

That’s AFP to the left, with Tom (with the black wings) from The Jane Austen Argument next to her, and his bandmate Jen on his right. AFP sang Creep accompanied on ukulele (and it was amazing) and they sang Bad Wine and Lemon Cake together and it was more beautiful than a ukulele night in a curtained-off part of a pub in Edinburgh has a right to be. I heart them.

  • (back to the list) being a guest at Frank Sanazi’s Comedy Blitzkrieg, as Thatcher (naturally). A lovely guy, a brilliant show and I felt right at home with Frank and Osama Bing Crosby
  • being called “astounding” by Funny Women! As a comic burlesque performer who’s always trying to reach beyond burlesque to be seen as funny in a more main-stream context, this was awesome validation. And my forays into the world of comedy continued with…
  • …being a guest panelist on Do the Right Thing, a comedy panel show which was recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe in front of a live audience and released as a podcast which you can hear for free here. I come in as guest burlesque expert about 20:30. This show featured Al Murray & Shappi Khorsandi as guest panelists, Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith as team captains and Danielle Ward as the host – all proper comedian-type people! I was extremely pleased to be a part of it all, it was loads of fun and they even apologised at the end for having fun with me. Aw, they were lambs!
  • Guest spot doing Thatcher at an alternative comedy show at the Forest Fringe (a legendary experimental works Fringe venue). The catch-phrase after each performance was Thom Tuck (him of the Penny Dreadfuls) saying “a failure”, to which the audience responded “a noble failure!”. Not a show to go into with an ego of any size.
  • Of course, spending time with my cabaret family should come first. A more amazing, creative, energetic, big-hearted and hard-drinking group you will never meet. The midnight cabaret shows became our meeting point to bemoan the downs and big up the ups of each day and week, as 1am turned into 4am and pizzas. Pictures and words about our celebration of Amelie Soleil’s birthday over on my sound blog, but here’s one extra:

Till next year’s madness!

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