The Lady Is For Turning

Honey transforms herself into Margaret Thatcher as she was popularly depicted – and privately imagined. Audience interaction and reaction guaranteed

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Citizen Wilde

Join Honey on her immigrant’s journey towards citizenship and the discovery of what really Makes One British. A fun clownish act, here’s to a stiff upper lip!

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Rock & Roll Heart

Combining a Lou Reed-esque aesthetic with a dirty rock n blues soundtrack, Honey grinds and strips away the excesses of the night before. Features a sexy beer shower climax! Can include fire effect (non-liduid fuel-based) if venue licensing allows. (Images ©Anthony Ware and Mat Ricardo Photography)

Copyright Anthony WarePhoto by Mat Ricardo Photography

Sie Will

A fur-coat-no knickers song-and-striptease! Honey charms and slinks in this sly nod to Weimar cabaret. Please note that the video shown is an adaptation of this act specifically to fit the performance space.

Copyright Juninho

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How to Burlesque: the British Way

A send-up of burlesque teaching and the British way! Miss Honey Wilde takes burlesque teaching very seriously, but her ever-so British values are no match for the lure of the art of strip and tease.

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England’s Rose

Honey’s most controversial act! As the memory of another momentous Royal Wedding fades, Honey remembers the People’s Princess in her unique satirical style. Royalists, look away now! (Images ©Harry Duns)

Copyright Harry Duns

Good Vibrations

A glamour bunny is not impressed when stopped and searched by airport security, but what is found in her luggage will certainly make her tingle. Latex-clad Honey goes Wilde in this sexual send up.

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Minogue vs Minogue

Kylie vs Dannii! From 80s style to white jumpsuits and gold hot pants booty shakin’, Honey sets out to prove which Minogue sister really is the most famous.

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Drag King


Photo by Alicia Clarke Photography

Jag Chase, drag king, is a smooth street-wise package of performer, dancer, singer  and lover – with a trouser-snake that’s sometimes too hot to handle.

For an alternative audience or anyone who wants a class act with a twist.

Justin Trousersnake

In this comic parody of Justin Timberlake, Jag performs to the classic “Cry Me A River”…but his own trousersnake threatens to steal the show

Photo by Alicia Clarke Photography

Your Woman

A gender-bending vocal performance to entertain and arouse…

Photo by Alicia Clarke Photography

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